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Information on the institution

The cultural center of Kretinga region situated in J. Pabrėža Street No.1, its history begins since year 1972.
On 8th April, 2005, the Cultural Center of Kretinga region officially registered its name in Register of Legal Entities.
At the moment Cultular center is located in 3255 square meters area of the building. Has 6 rooms – the main concert hall (514 seats) with stage, theater studio hall „Atžalynas" (50 seats) with stage, exhibition hall (173 sq. m.), a dance hall (339 sq.m.), stained glass hall (222 sq. m.), conference room (30 sq. m.).
Since 2011 the team of the Cultural Center of Kretinga region is headed by a Director Pranas Razmus with
a university education, II qualification class.
The Cultural Center systematically organizes traditional, international, national, regional and district events:

  • International Youth Theatre Festival - a creative laboratory "Atžalynas scene" takes place every two years since 1979.;
  • National Choir Festival „Aš atdarysiu dainų skrynelę" ("I will open an ark of songs") - every two years since 1986.

The Cultural Center also annually organizes these traditional events:

  • Theater art festival "Kaukutis"("Goblin") (since 1991);
  • Folk music festival „Grok, žemaiti!"("Play, Samogitian!) (since 1992);
  • Traditional comedy festival „Vėinė joukā" („Piece of cake") (since 1993);
  • District folk music festival "Kretingėškė Polka" ("Kretinga Polka") (since 1996);
  • Regional folklore festival „Padainioukem po lėipuom" („Let„s sing under the lindens") (since 1997);
  • Regional folk dance festival „Gintarinė klumpė" ("Amber sabot") (since 2000);
  • Art demonstration "Kita erdvė [3°]. Vakarų krantas" ("Another area [3 °]. West Coast ") (since 2000);
  • Vocal performers‟ festival „Suskinsiu aš..." ("I pick up ") (since 2003).

The Cultural Center of Kretinga region has 16 different amateur art teams and classes, which make Kretinga
name famous not only nationally, but also abroad: female choir "Svaja" and male choir "Zilvinas", folk dance group
"Toncius", chamber choir, theater-studio "Atžalynas", street theatre group of stiltwalkers Atžalynas, folk music band
"Lakštingelė", exile choir "Atminties versmė", Egidijus Radžius theater, retromusic ensemble ,,Gija", female vocal
ensemble, folk ensemble ,,Gervelė", folk music band ,,Sodžius", harmonica ensemble, children singing group, female
youth modern dance group "MiViJa".
The Cultural Center provides public and administrative services:

  • concerts, theater performances of professional groups, and amateur art groups;
  • amateur arts groups‟ competitions, clubs‟ activities;
  • organization of public holidays;
  • ethnic, educational activities and organization of calendar holiday celebration;
  • organization of festivals and creative camps;
  • organization of exhibitions, displays;
  • organization of entertaining leisure events.

The Cultural Center provides paid services:

  • leasing of premises;
  • organization of plays, concerts, discotheque for children and youth, adult evening dances.

For more information please contact Nerijus Gedminas the director of Egidijus Radžius Theater. Phone. +370 606
The Cultural Center of Kretinga region
J. Pabrėža Street No.1, Kretinga
e-mail street theatre group of stiltwalkers Atžalynas
Ticket office hours:
Monday - Friday 16:00 - 19:00
On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays - 2 hours before the event.